The story of pirate (Part-1)

In a world without money but full of responsibilities, everyone is assigned specific duties, keeping them busy all the time. To enforce this, the leader, Usmana, created a machine called “Ulbata.”

Ulbata releases a smoke that makes people dull and obedient, ensuring they do their jobs without questioning. Amidst this monotonous life, a young pirate emerges, aiming to take over the city.

This pirate disappeared in 1800 and reappears in 2200 after his ship falls into a dimensional hole. His experiences give him a realization of how life and the world work. Transforming from a pirate to a wise man, his adventures take a disruptive turn.

From dullness to chaos, he plans to create a new order and freedom. A new world and city await his touch, with new challenges and a new era to unveil.






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